Poste à pourvoir : Aspetar

Club: Aspetar
Contract: Full Time
Closing Date: 2nd December 2019
How to Apply
To apply, please send a cover letter detailing your suitability, together with your CV to:
Job Title: Executive Director of Research & Scientific Support
Job Ref No.: AS0068
Closing Date: 2nd Dec 2019
Role Purpose: 
To lead and contribute to the production of world-leading research that focuses on the epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of illness and injury in athletes.
To enhance the health and wellbeing of athletes by ensuring a range of evidence-based scientific support services are easily accessible to athletes/clients and Aspetar Staff.
Key Core Accountabilities:
Facilitate the pursuit and delivery of the very highest quality research and scientific support at Aspetar, that has the potential to innovate clinical practice, enhance performance, and improve the health outcomes of our athletes.
Develop and continually enhance an AZF and Aspetar research infrastructure that produces world-class peer-reviewed research in the following areas: 1) the protection and enhancement of athlete health, 2) the reduction of illness and injury in athletes, 3) the optimisation of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of illness and injury in athletes, and 4) the improvement of athletic performance following illness or injury.
Work with senior leadership to protect patient IP and simultaneously securing appropriate resources to develop, support, conduct and disseminate high quality sports medicine and science research on a sustainable basis.
Maintain a standard so that Aspetar will be competitive when the IOC Injury and Illness Prevention Research Centre and the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence programs call for re-evaluation.
Develop and maintain guidelines to ensure that all research and scientific support is conducted/delivered in compliance with international benchmarks e.g. the protection of human subjects in biomedical and bio-behavioural experimentation, professional conduct and management of intellectual property.
Provide leadership to ensure that routine and experimental clinical data are captured in a secure and ethical manner, and in compliance with all government, regulatory and other bodies in relation to research. 
Create and maintain an organisational structure that recruits, retains and develops research and scientific support staff.
Necessary Knowledge and Experience: 
12-15 years of related experience of which a minimum of 4-7 years should be in a similar position/responsibility, preferably in a similar clinical academic research environment working with elite/professional athletes. 
Education and Certification Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in science, medicine or physiotherapy (essential).
A very strong record of research, preferably one that is clinically focused within sport. This should be evidenced by H Index/other metric demonstrating competence in research outputs including peer review publications such that is commensurate with this high profile position (essential).PhD (desirable), Medical license e.g. MD (desirable), MBA (desirable), Full Professor (desirable).
Job Specific Technical Skills:
Experience in scientific team leadership in a multicultural setting.
Record in budget development and tracking.
Laboratory directorship, together with laboratory health and safety management.
Experience with medical topics relating to athlete health (essential).
Significant experience in providing performance testing or monitoring to elite/professional athletes.
About Research and Scientific Support
High-quality research that advances scientific knowledge, enhances clinical services and improves clinical practice for the presenting athlete/client is the guiding philosophy behind Aspetar’s research strategy. Aspetar is a ‘FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence’ the ‘International Handball Federation Reference Centre for Athlete and Referee Health. Aspetar is one of only 10 Research Centres for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health recognised by the International Olympic Committee.   
Aspetar’s scientific support unit uses the best culturally-relevant evidence available within the medical care of the rehabilitating athlete. Simply stated, its purpose is “to deliver culturally-focused and easy to understand science-based interventions for athletes to improve clinical and physical outcomes”. This may include, (but is not limited to); supporting the rehabilitating athlete return to competition, optimising training programs for athletes who compete in challenging environmental conditions, as well as preventing injury and illness in sportspeople.
The Executive Director of Research & Scientific Support will lead the department to:
Produce world-leading research that focuses on the epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of illness and injury in athletes,
Enhance the health and wellbeing of athletes through accessing a range of evidence-based scientific support services.


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